Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lucky Bitch

"that lucky bitch .... " , which is what I always think to myself whenever I see a really hot guy with his arm over some bitch.

Why lord, why couldn't have you blessed me with a nice piece of male ass to call my own?

I'm going to be turning 39 very soon and if someone would have told me I would ended up a single all those years ago, I definitely would have tried harder to shake my ass when I was 20.

I refuse to think the right one came along and I just wasn't ready.  Fuck that.  The right one never came along because otherwise I would have known about it.

One thing is for sure, I'm glad I never settled for anything less.

I'm sure there is a man out there who can rock my world with my not too high or unattainable standards.  I'm really not asking for too much - goodlooking, kind, sexy, smart, like this fucker pictured below.

Thats not asking for too much?

Okay Universe, the last time I was on facebook and requested in my status update, "I wish a hot man would say hello to me" , it totally happened and thats what I'm asking for again.

And this time God, Universe, or whoever is listening, I want the whole enchilada, so please send him my way and lets get it started!.


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