Monday, March 11, 2013

I really hated this bitch

After 9 years, Elisabeth Hasslebeck is finally calling it quits and leaving day time talk show, "The View" , but why?

Why should Hasslebeck leave the show when the damage has already been done, her extreme right wing views have already alienated millions of people but yet ABC network executives kept her on the show anyways.  Of all the former co-host to leave, Elisabeth should have left a long time ago.

My question is why did they keep her around for so long in the first place?  I mean really, weren't there any other, "Survivor" , reality show contestants available?

I'm pretty sure the ABC networks execs were counting on Elisabeth to talk out of her ass which is what she consistently did for the past 9 years and finally now that this bitch is gone, hopefully we'll get Rosie back.


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