Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 1

Will Patrick and Dom finally fuck already?  Thats the question everyone will be asking themselves by the end of the first season.

Patrick and Dom remind me of a real life gay couple I know who now live happily ever after, they were best friends first, both striking out in intimate relationships with other people, and then both finally making the most obvious choice, becoming a happy couple.

"Looking" , is about a 29 year old video gamer named Patrick whose looking for love in San Francisco.  The show opens with Patrick cruising a park for a not so anonymous sexual encounter.  The rules to anonymous sex are in place for a reason because nothing kills a hard on faster than simple conversation, which Patrick finds out later in an online meet up date, in both instances, Patrick does come off jerky.

Intro Richie, the Latin hottie homeboy who Patrick meets on the Muni train.  Richie steals the show with his million dollar smile.  Anyone with any sensibility will tell you Patrick and doesn't deserve Richie.  Theres just something about Patrick that says hes a failure at relationships because he makes everything more complicated than it has it to be, just a guess.  I hate to sound like a pessimist but I'm already looking forward to Patrick and Richie's break up.

The AIDS bomb will most likely be dropped somewhere in the first season.  It hard not to think of San Francisco and the AIDS epidemic.  But who and how will the topic be introduced?  Fade in Frankie and Agustin's open relationship, another part of Patricks circle.  Maybe Frankie and Agustin will go club hopping, do some Molly, invite another stranger into relationship, make a few bad decisions, and end up at the free clinic.

For now, the eye candy of the show is Dom, a 40 something career waiter desperately trying to hold onto his looks, yup that sounds like Gay San Francisco alright.

If my suspicious are right, Looking is going to be fun series watching Patrick and Dom discover their love for each other.  Its funny how the most obvious things can sometime be right under our noses.


                     HBO Looking characters L-R  Agustin, Patrick, Dom

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