Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Her Again?

Before I went to sleep lastnight, I told myself to dream about my soulmate, then I dreamt about Margaret Cho. Is this considered stalking?

For this blog, I'm going to try and remember as I much as I can. Everything else is pretty choppy but the scenes with Margaret are still resounding in my head.


So, somewhere in my dream I see Margaret Cho in the distance. She's surrounded by people and my first impulse is to ignore her and keep walking. But I was with my mom, my mom, knowing full well of what she use to mean to me early in my career, played one of her tricks, walked over to her and brought her to me. And then I was forced to say hi.

Then I remember sitting down with Margaret on opposite sides of a small fence. We were talking about something and I just felt the impulse to be catty with her, so I said something bitchy and then pulled the fence gate down on top of me and then I pulled it back up and said, "just kidding" .

Then the next thing you know I was walking her to a club where she was going to perform. This is where we parted ways. I knew I wasn't going in and nor did want to.

So right after, I was walking down the street and I found a journal with all these jokes in it. I knew right away it was Margaret's journal and wanted to return it to her. I peeked inside and I told myself not read anymore than what I already saw.

So as I walking back the club, I told the gate people that I had Margaret's journal and wanted to return it to her personally. So the security people escorted me backstage to where she was in holding. There were a lot of people back there. If I didn't know any better, I'd say the show was going on in the green room.

So Margaret was sitting there and I said, "here, you left your journal" . I don't remember but I think she look relieved. And I think I told her I didn't read any of her jokes because I knew reading her journal wasn't any of my business.

Then I said, "see ya later" , and walked out.


I don't think it takes a dream interpreter to find the hidden meanings in this dream. I use to love Margaret Cho like no other but it all came crashing down after meeting her. I think I fell in love with her image than more the actual person.

Do I still want to know her, not really. The stand up comedy business is full of whacko's and I still can't get over the way comedians treat each other. So rather than treat her like a fierce rival, I rather not know her at all. And to be honest, I don't really have any fierce rivals because there aren't too many other stand up comedians that have given me any reason to feel otherwise. Seriously, you have to be pretty damn good to make feel jealous. And for the handful of comedians that I know who are better than me, there's no animosity towards each other what so ever because they know that I love and respect them with all of my heart. ♥

But yeah, all ego's aside, I think the next time I dream, I'm just going to concentrate on asking on myself to dream about a soulmate whose a dude, goodlooking, whose got a big one, who just wants to put it in me and make me happy. Because really, that's all I want.


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