Friday, January 15, 2010


So I'm guessing because people watch, "Jersey Shore" , it's a hit show. Again, I'm 35 and am totally out've the loop because I don't watch the show. I stopped watching MTV in the 90's. But has that ever stopped me from blogging about shit I know nothing about before, no.

So this next batch of blogs, I pulled down from the web of who I thought was the most interesting cast members from "Jersey Shore" . You guys ask how could I know whose the most interesting from, "Jersey Shore" , without ever even watching a single episode, easy, it's because I'm gay and I know how to read.

I use to do this a lot in Jr. High with my brother's yearbooks. Even before I set foot on the school I was going to attend, I use to flip through his yearbook's and try to read all the upper classmen that I was going to be going to school with.

So, 20 year's later....I'm going to use those mastery skills of people reading and give you guys a description of the, "Jersey Shores" , cast members.

First up is Nicole, also known as Snookie. Of all of the girls on the show, she's the easiest on the eyes. Besides being really pretty, she's rockin a fierce Bridget Bardeau hair style from the 60's. I can tell beauty and style run deep in her family, as well it should, she's a knock out. I don't like her fake boobs though. She could probaly do without her big boobs because big boobs on any girl always take away from there really cute girly outfits. I have yet to see one cute top on a girl with big boobs. Sorry for all those ladies out there with really big boobs, they just don't make cute tops where it's not all about the boobs.

Let see, what else. I can tell that she's a brat, home grown and very attached to her family. Her eyes say she has a really great heart and wants to have a big family. I predict 4 kids from two different daddy's.

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