Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Suga Nasty Show

Hey good people! Just got home and I had really really really great time tonight! I did the Suga Nasty show at the IL Pirata tonight in SF.

The Il Pirata is a decent size dive bar somewheres in the Potrero Hill District in SF. Tonight's show was an all female line up but I got to sneak on the show because I'm part girl. I had so much fun on stage tonight. The highlight had to be when I dragged this cute guy on stage and pretty much got to grope him in front of his girlfriend. *I so love what I do* Here's the flyer from the show! I'm not on it because I was the surprise guest but still, I love the flyer. Don't these girls look so sweet!♥

As promised, I'm really trying to stick my New Year's resolutions. I told myself that I would try to, "dress it up" , more for my shows and of course, wouldn't ya know it, another comedian - Nancy Lee wore the same outfit tonight, she's the Asian girl on the flyer way to the left. When I saw her, I was like, "oh hellz no girl, you need to go home and put on a little skirt or something cause honey this is my new look" . But she did look adorable.

After the show I had a merchandise war with two other comedians, they brought their t-shirts to sell too! So knowing the super ultra competitive person I am, my prices were so low I was practically giving my shit away. It's more important for my stuff to be floating around in the public rather than staying hidden in my suitcase.

After the comedy show, it was off to the castro to floss my new look. OMG, I got checked out several times, which was this total new thing for me. Usually when I go to the Castro, queens see my puma sweats coming a mile away and they just keep walking with their snooty little noses up in the air. I even had the door guy at Boy Bar check me out. I think he was more fascinated about how I put my ensemble together. If I looked really comfortable tonight, it's because I was.

The only negative tonight was when this old queen was dogging me out because I hanging out with a new friend. See, it wouldn't be an issue if my new friend wasn't a hottie but my new friend if freaking hot. So were just standing there and that old queen walks by and was like why is he hanging out with you. Wow, are you serious? And see, that queen who walked by, I sort've know him from - I tried talking to several times online and he turned out to be snobby in person just like his profile.

So when I started seeing this old queen around "in person" , he just plays stuck up like he is online. I'll never understand why people act like that, especially when they're in their 40's and they should know better. See what I get for being attracted to gay men in their 40's. But I digress.

Alright ya'll, here's to 2010, it's starting off great, minus the stuck up trolls.


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