Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When in Rome

I'm still having a tiff over that whole Fabrice Fabrice thing. I was telling my mom that it seems like the only way gay comedians can make it on to Comedy Central is if we make a gay caricature of ourselves.

So, being the sarcastic bitch I am, tonight I birthed a new stage gay persona called Sandwich.
Sandwich was fun. I did sandwich twice at two open mics in the Tenderloin and the audiences loved it.

The reason why this character came into being is because I want to prove to everyone that gay comedians can do a better job at impersonating gay caricatures, after all, if it wasn't for us, they'd be no gay jokes.

Will this ruin my chances of trying to get a legitimate tv credit on Comedy Central, probaly. But honestly, has Comedy Central made my career what it is up until to this point, nope. Who knows, I'm just going to figure out another way to get myself out there to the masses!


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