Friday, January 15, 2010

The Situation

Instead of being called, "The Situation" , I think this guy should be called, "The Deal" , because I'm trying to see what the big deal is? Granted, he's nice to look at but like 35 ft. away. I'm not being negative but I have to judge this douche bag compared to what's already else on the market and ladies, this guy is trouble.

For one, I don't trust any man who has better eyebrows than I do.

Secondly, I hate how he points to his mid-section like that's the best thing about him, maybe it is?

I don't see much personality in him beyond his hand mirror. I'm guessing his bed sheets are smeared from that fake bake tan and I just bet he has a mirror above his bed, not because he think's it's hot or kinky to look at the girl but because he wants to look at himself while he's boning her.

Another thing too, he looks really sexed out. Like he's been passed around too many times and can't keep up. He should look a lot younger for his age but he honestly looks like he's in late 30's trying to hold onto his 20's. I'm sure with all the partying he's done, it's taken a toll on him.

At the end of the day, would I bone him, no, because he's not the intellectual type. He doesn't have the cerebral capacity or emotions to deal the complexities of the brain. I know a bunch of my women readers like to play mind games with there men and those tricks wouldn't work on this guy because there's nothing going on upstairs and probaly downstairs too?

Lastly, for his future press pics, instead of pointing to his abs, he should be pointing to his head because I'd very surprised if anything was going on up there.

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