Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chick FIL-A Holes

The CEO of Chick FIL-A recently announced his support for traditional marriage and in lieu of his statement, he invited everyone and their supported to a Chick FIL-A on August 1st for customer appreciation day.

In the past couple of days I've gotten into heated debates with Christians over this, below are some of my comments on the matter:

"Christians use to kill people in the name of their religion, ie crusades, they invaded and killed the people of this continent by their, "Divine Right" , belief, and now they're using a chicken as their new messenger to spread hate, the times may have changed but it sounds like they haven't" .

"Keep trying to wash your hands however you want, the people your religious culture has persecuted will never forget. The only difference, this time is that you guys can't get away it with it, at least not in this country" .

"I have spoken with other cultures on different continents and your M/O is the same. Don't you guys know how you are? I suppose not from the inside looking out. Just because you guys were raised to feel guilt doesn't mean the rest of the world has to. The messiah came to you guys and what did you guys do to him, you guys beat the shit out of him and then put him on a cross. Before you guys try making peace with other people, you should try making peace with yourselves" .

"I hate arguing with bible thumpers, isn't there scripture where it says, "thou shall not be an asshole" ?

"I keep hearing how the Chick FIL-A CEO is entitled to his opinion but I wonder how entitled his opinion would have been if he came out in support in Gay Marriage" . #hypocrites

"The main reason why the LGBT's are upset over this Chick FIL-A issue is because we're tired of your bigotry, when you raise your kids to feel its okay to discriminate anybody based on someones gender, age, race, orientation, disability, size, or what have you, its wrong, even on the passive/aggressive level. Think about that the next time you hear about somebody being victimized/beat up/bullied/taunted/harassed/humiliated/murdered because they were different from you, enjoy your chicken" .

"These, "Pro Family" , Christian fanatics have ridden their high horses long enough. When will these overly self righteous people learn this country just isn't about them. LGBT's families believe and support family values like everyone else which is why so many of us have our own families or have adopted. The LGBT's don't take anyway from family values, we only strengthen them. For all of our opposition, let go of your blindness and start looking with your hearts" . #supportdiversity

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