Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Dreams

This blog is the last of my Pricilla: Queen of the Desert rants that I've been posting on my facebook page.

At the end of Pricilla, the girlz dress up in their frocks and climb the mountain because it was Felicia's dream.

Dreams come in many interpretations, for me, my dreams always tell me whats going around on me at the present time. Where ever I fall asleep, my dreams always pick up whatever vibes are around me, seen or not seen.

* When I was in school and a someone stole my car stereo, my dreams told me it was in the gym. And guess where my car stereo was returned to me, in the gym.

* While home on break, I slept near the opened door because I enjoy the breeze it brings thru our house, the door was open but the screen door was closed. When I was dreaming, I dreamt of all these cats shooting by me and when I woke up, I saw this litter of kittens sitting at the bottom of my screen door staring at me, so cute.

* While on vacation in D.C., the Dala Llama was in town at the same time and when I slept, I picked up on his blissful aura across down during his meditations, I will never ever forget that wonderful feeling, it truly was bliss.

* On a roadtrip thru New Mexico, we stopped in Taos and stayed overnight, that night I dreamt of the black & white stripped clown whose a popular motif among the pueblos. In my dream, I was walking around the old pueblo village and he popped his head out of one of the adobe homes, he looked at me like, "who are you and what are you doing here" .

* Just this past week I dreamt of a friend having an Indian wedding in my house. I facebooked my friend who I haven't chatted with a while and asked her if she was getting married, then she said a man has been asking to marry her and shes considering it.

* After I performed dragqueen performance at Haskell back in 1997, that night I slept I was welcomed by the Drag Queen spirits who I was very excited to meet but as luck would have it, there were more interested to see my straight guy Mike who was with me in my dream. But come to think of it, it made sense why they gave him more attention than me because he told me later that he was friends with so many Dragqueens back in New Mexico.

The common denominator in all these dreams is that I had no reason to dream about any of these things at all.

So when I watch Pricilla: Queen of the Deseart and Felicia says it was her dream to dress up in drag and climb a mountain, I understand her.


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