Monday, July 23, 2012

Comedian on Comedian Censorship

In recent news I did a couple of podcast that will never see the light of day, mostly because of my mouth. When I do any kind of radio, especially with comedians, I don't hold back and say what the fuck is on my mind, even if that means ripping on the radio hosts of the show I'm on.

The first podcast I did, which I can't name, one of the producer/host said the reason why it wasn't loaded to the web was because he was trying to trim it down so it could fit the format of the show, wtf? The show we did was 1.5 hrs. long and when you look at the other podcast on the show, there time is about the same or longer. My age and experience told me this prick was lying to my face.

Do you guys know the reason why I don't hold back, I had a comedian friend be on a tv show and they told her not to be funny, you know, so the host could say all the fun lines. So from the point on I told myself if I got something to say, I'm going to say it, regardless if it hits the editing floor.

The 2nd podcast I did was for another comedian I just be-friended. Again, my mouth probably got me into trouble. This time around I thought it was fun and had a great time. My clue that this podcast was going nowhere should have been when I noticed the blank expression on radio hosts face like, "what the fuck did you just say" ?

I didn't mean to be a dick on there shows but I saw an openings and went for it.

Its probably a good thing the 2nd podcast didn't upload, I actually did regret some of the things I said when I was speaking about another person in this business. The day after we recorded it I found the host and asked him to delete that section where I was talking mad shit because that part of my life was supposed to be over and plus I thought no one deserves that, not even my worst enemies. And really, I can't move on if I'm still hanging on to that bullshit, right?

I started noticing censorship in entertainment when I went to NYC and saw the Late Show with David Letterman. That was a great trip, I had so much fun with my bestie - Juicely. Anyhoo, on the Letterman show, his musical guest was Faith Hill. When Faith was done singing, she sat on his couch and was interviewed by Dave. As they were finishing up, Dave said her performance on the show that night was the best highlight of her career and then Faith rebutted, "Dave, I've a career for 15 years and that was your best highlight" ?? After Faith said that, the entire crowd erupted into laughter and applause because that lady was speaking the truth. I immediately looked at Daves face and he was just grimacing like he got out-witted and you know what, he did.

Later at the hotel room, I turned on the tube to watch the replay and guess what happened, Faith's snarky little comeback was edited out. After that I had no more respect for Dave because from then on I just realized his show was about him making himself look awesome and no one else.

Whatever David Letterman, get over yourself.

There is one podcast that I'm really interested in doing, its called, "Snap Judgement" , its a syndicated podcast that airs on NPR. Its a serious podcast about real people who share stories about life changing events. I emailed them and said I would love to do it mostly because it would be nice if I could be on a show where my guard isn't always up.

Other then that, my Fall is looking pretty good, I'm staying busy with my, "Hella Gay Comedy Shows" , at the Deco Lounge in SF. We've been packing out some pretty good crowds lately so we must be doing something right.

In late August I'm heading out to the University of Illinois to do a college show.
And then as soon as I get back, I'm heading out to Las Vegas for Gay Days. This time around, we're not really there for Gay Days, it just happened to coincide with Margaret Cho's new stand up concert, "Mother" , so it kind of works out.

Okay you guys, thanks for reading!


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