Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 1

Hey Kittens,
its that time of the year again where cuntiness meets fashion, thats right fashionista's, its Project Season Season 10.

Tonights premiere episode began with the designers having to create a 2nd look from the best garment that got them into the show.

So lets get right into it, shall we.

The winner of the first challenge is Christopher Palu, who looks to be the early fan favorite. The judges just loved how he manipulated this boring fabric into something beautiful. Also, the first cat fight of the season goes to Chris and Gunnar Deatherage with Chris obviously coming out on top in the first head to head, go Chris, keep it up!

Heres one of my top 3 picks to make it to the finale - Ven Budhu. I honestly think Ven is the designer to beat this season, you can tell his flower bustier shows his design aethetic to be elegant, sharp, and colorful. He almost reminds me of Rami from Season 4 so we'll continue to see what Ven pulls out of his hat.

Coming in 3rd tonight is Melissa Fleis. I love the A symmetrical silouette she used, very classy. And the fact thats representing San Francisco makes me love her even more, go girl, make it to the top 3 for the Academy of Art and our lovely hometown!

Nathan Paul blew me away with this flowy ensemble. I loved the way his dress moved at the bottom, I could not take my eyes off it, the color wasn't bad either.

"Oh girl.. oh girl.." , which is all I could think when I saw Ms. Thang from Japan - Kooan Kosuke, open with this Hello Kitty inspired piece during the NY Times Squaure Project Runway fashion show. I love Kooan's colorful eye popping aethetic but Micheal Kors kept it real when she said, "even if cartoon is your thing you don't want it to be a joke" . I have to agree with Micheal but wow if Kooan can somehow get his garmets to come off more with a sophisticated cartoon chic, hes got a great chance of making a good run this season, Kooan is my dark horse.

My last pick to make top 3 is Alicia Hardesty. Alicia is going to bring back 80's Lesbian chic but in a more updated way. I love love these pants, theres definitely a hint of strong feminism in her work.

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