Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mile High Club

We just home from Michigan and it feels good to be back in California!  I did like the midwest humidity but I prefer our SF Bay cold air more.

The flight home was great, there was little or none turbulence.

Now check this out, turbulence never use to bother me.  I can think of several times when I was younger when I was on a plane with bad turbulence and never thought twice about it.  These days my nervous system is so out of whack just a mere wiggle will make pee in my pants.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the mile high club, basically you have to sex with someone on a plane to be a member.  Since I've never had the chance to fuck someone on the plane, I thought why not just rub one out on myself in the bathroom, that kind of counts right? So thats what I did.

I casually walked into the bathroom on the plane, unzipped my pants and went to town.  This was on a flight from L.A. to Oakland.  Coming into the Bay Area, theres a stretch over the South Bay hills that is notorious for heavy wind and giving incoming planes bad turbulence.

I must've really been in a zone playing with my Judy because I didn't hear the call button from the flight attendants to return to my seat so I just kept going.

After we hit our first bump of turbulence, I kept going because I liked the shaking and OMG, the with every stroke, the turbulence got more intense and I got more turned on, the next thing you know I was really close to blowing my wad and so soon as I could feel a hot batch coming out of my pussy, thats when we hit the heaviest turbulence and literally, the whole bathroom was shaking and thats when I popped.  It was so wonderful.  Oddly enough, thats when he turbulence ended and it was a smooth flight the rest of the way.

Theres apart of me that feels like I need to masturbate on an airplane again to remember how much I enjoy flying but theres also apart of me that is cool with peeing in my pants too.


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