Monday, May 3, 2010

The Salad Alternative

How's everyone feeling this week! My day started off as expected. Of course I saw a lot more fatty foods to eat the same week I started my diet. I was like dang, why weren't those cheeseburgers on sale last week when I wasn't dieting.

Today was good, I managed to eat some veggie black beans from work, no lard & no bacon, and a Big Greek Salad. The Big Greek Salad was good and different. For the next couple of months I'm sure I'll be touring different continents and countries to see who can make a great salad. My Greek salad wasn't all leaves and feta, I had them throw on some lamb/beef for protein. The only thing I didn't eat off the Greek Salad were the red beets, those were just too sour for me. And coincidently, Greece was bailed out by EU *European Union* this week. If anyone hasn't been following the news, Greece is heavily in debt and had to borrow huge sums of money so there country would't go into financial ruin. In exchange for taking the 110 Billion dollar EU loan, Greece is gonig to have to make severe budget cuts and tax the shit out out've their GDP * Gross Domestic Products* I hope they start with their red beets.

Alright, how's everyone else's diet starting?

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