Saturday, May 8, 2010


Just got off work and shit are my dogs tired. I went up to the Mission District tonight thinking I was going to catch a comedy show & hang out, no such luck, it was cancelled.
Seeing as how I've been good on my diet, I decided to stop by a local Taqueria and get a quesadilla, that line was too long so I broke out've there. I also saw another local comedian getting his grub on. I decided it wasn't worth the wait so I decided to head over to the Castro until I saw this little shoebox Chinese restaurant called Yamo's. And I am here to tell you that it was Yummo! Those little Chinese ladies behind the stoves are just cute. It was like a watching a live cartoon of these old Chinese woman butchering the English language & cook in a really sweet way.
I was in the mood for some coconut juice and I thought I was just getting get a can, when I looked up that little old chinese lady brought me the whole coconut. She chopped off the top, set in front of me & gave me a straw with a spoon. The spoon was for after I was doing drinking the coconut milk and ready to scrap the inside for coconut meat. It was delicious. I don't know why I've never had fresh coconut juice before, probably because I don't live on a desert island.
Anyways, if any of you guys are in the SF area, definitely stop by Yumo's on 18th/Mission, it's right in front of the 33 Stanyan bus stop on 18th.
Eat well everybody!

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