Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 12

Hey everyone, I finally caught up with my favorite fashion competition reality show, "Project Runway" , and it was amazing!

In this past episode, the last 5 standing designers were commissioned to create a mini collection based off inspiration found on Governor's Island in NYC.

And guess who this week's challenge winner was, that's right Miss Anya Ayoung Chee!

It's pretty clear Anya defied all odd's against her and made the finals! In fairness, on this challenge her assistant was Bert Keeter and you can see some of his work in her designs. And by that I mean his, "Greecian look" , with his simple trademark chic look was very prevalent.

That goes without saying Anya has some great idea's but who knows how far she would've made it with the help from the other designers.

But for right now, whether or not her sewing skills are in question doesn't matter because she made the finals and she can outsource her collection for the finale because it won't matter, she already won by being there.

I absolutely thought Anya killed it by putting this red head in this evening dress.

This black cocktail dress was the judges favorite as was it's mine. The long in the front and short in the back silhouette has been done to death but with Anya, she does it very well, her interpretation comes across very sleek and hip.

For the other competitors, I honestly really didn't care for any of their looks. Victor Luna does get an honorable mention from me. PR judge Michael Kors did say his clothing appeal was very commercial but hey, Victor does it very well so it can't be all that bad.

Other low lights were Joshua Mckinley. His last mini collection was so bad I'm guessing the only reason why the producers of PR are keeping him around, not the judges, is because they're expecting him to bring a train wreck collection the finale which will make for, "good television" , I guess.

But anyhoo, congrats Anya, however backhanded this blog might have suggested, I really was cheering for you all season. And if any of you doubt me, don't me pull up my previous pre-season blog where I picked her top 3.

And besides, I have to keep it real for my readers too.



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