Thursday, January 5, 2012

She's Trippin

Guess whose been in the news lately, Tiger Woods divorcee Elin Nordegren who recently bought a 12 million dollar home in Florida only to have it bulldozed.

I guess she can do that from her 100 million dollar divorce settlement from Tiger.

Here's what the house looked like before she dozed it.

and now heres what the land looks like after its been bull dozed.

Wow, is she stupid or what.

Common sense says that she should have bought a piece of clear land and built from ground up.

This is definitely a trend for women with money. I have seen some of the Housewives of Atlanta pull the same shit.

They're like, "OMG, I just can't live a house where someone else has lived before" .

This is obviously an attitude they can afford because daily people don't pull shit like that, at least not on that scale.

Money is weird that way, it makes people do stupid stuff when you have more than enough or none at all.


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