Saturday, February 20, 2010

L.A Update

Hey Peeps, here's my latest update from La La land.
It's day 3 and as usual, we're having a great time down here. I just got through jogging again on the Santa Monica/Venice Beach boardwalk. There sure were alot of tourist out today.

After my run, I trotted straight to the, "Hot Dog on a Stick" , concession. OMG everybody, they have the best corndogs in the world and then I topped it off with some of the there freshly squeezed flavored lemonade. Needless to say I was heaven.

Oh snap, there were some serious hotties on the beach today. While I was stretching I saw this hot guy practicing on the pommel horse. He obviously wasn't an Olympian but I admire his tenacity for trying pommel his horse and that face that he was hottie didn't hurt his cause either.

Lastnight's show at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club was amazing! I gave myself an hour to get to the club and that still wasn't enough time to get there. I just barely made it to the club in time to perform. My nerves really didn't settle down until after I was done performing. I usually work the best when I'm under pressure. I can't explain it but somehow I'm able to turn all those anxieties into precision timing. It's like there's a huge amount of tension in the room and with the power of my uppending nerves, I'm able to slice threw it like butter.

After the show, I dropped off my ma back at the room, then me & Kathy went to the Fubar. I love going to the Fubar, any night of the week.

Lastnight at Fubar was disco night. To be honest, we were just looking for a place to chill but those darn DJ's got me moving and groovin. The highlight had to be when this fierce fish pole dancer was tearing up her pole platform. I kid you not people, this woman could be in Circ De Sole! She was that awesome. Her best move was when she suspended herself from the ceiling and I was trying to jump off the ground to tip her, she was way up there. After watching that, the rest of the go go dancers in the club just seemed whack.

Alright, just wanted to pop in and say what's up. I'm headed down to Long Beach tonight for an early show and then it's back up to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club to finish it out!

I love L.A. !!!


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