Monday, February 22, 2010

Made it Home

Oh goodness, we got home a couple of hours ago and everything is chill.

I have to say, that was probably one my best trips down to L.A. in a while.

Some pretty fabulous things happened down there but because of contractual obligations, I can't say nothing.

There was another great opportunity that presented itself but I can't comment on that either because we're still in negotiations.

Okay, so besides all the hype, let's back up and recap what I did Saturday night. This time around, I wasn't going to play around with L.A. traffic so I was sure to take off around 5:30pm. We weren't supposed to be in Long Beach until 7:30pm but as luck would have it, the weekend traffic was great and we arrived 2 hours early. So with time to spare we stopped by the Super Mex restaurant off Broadway and had some quick Mexican food. I knew where this place was because Juicely's other bff "Andy" - the Price is Right guy took me there for take out. Well actually Andy wanted to eat inside and but I was like, "honey, I got places to go, we're getting take out" , so anyhoo, lastnight we had a really nice dining experience. Afterwards I went across the street to get Tina Kim a big bottle of Cabernet wine. She's a big wine drinker and I just wanted to show my gratitude for her letting me be in her show.

Okay, so when we got to the Hot Java Coffee House, I thought it was going to be a small venue but I ended up performing in front of a large mixed Straight & LGBT 100 plus crowd. The crowd was awesome. Carlease had the first two rows of seats blocked off for the hearing impaired and the gay sign language interpreter, and you guys know I couldn't pass up this opportunity to have some fun with them. So just for the hearing impaired crowd, I was just rambling on about how I loved penis and balls. Now mind you guys, just hearing those words isn't where the funny is so as I was standing there saying how much I loved penis and balls, the funny part was watching the sign languarge interpreter interpret how much I loved penis and balls in sign langauge. When I was saying into the microphone how much I love dick & balls, the gay sign language interpreter was doing this licking balls motion and throwing in some tongue. You guys should've seen the faces of the hearing impaired crowd, priceless.

I went first because I had to bolt back up to Universal City to finish off the 10pm show.

The 10pm show went great. I was just trying to get through my set until this cute straight white boy was being bothersome. So I took him onstage to do the heimlich joke, needless to say he didn't make it to the end of the joke. I wasn't expecting him to, I just wanted to try and embarrass him as much as I could on stage. After I got off stage the emcee asked him why he didn't say onstage with me, she said in front of everybody, "you ran off like a little bitch" . I thought that was so cool.

And you'll never believe this, I ended up taking a picture with that same cute frightened white guy and his friend after the show. They both stood on each side of me and I was acting like I was grabbing their crotches. Awesome huh! Another Charlie Ballard classic moment. I wish I had that pic but it was on their camera phone.

Earlier tonight I was sure to send off all my thank you's to all the Natives who attended my show. I'm still very thankful to everyone who came out in support. ♥

After the Jon Lovitz Show, I dropped my mom off back at the room and dragged Kathy to the Arena for Latin Hip Hop night. I love the Arena on a Saturday night. It's soo much for cozier than the Latin night on a Friday inside the Circus Disco venue.

Unfortunately I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked, so I'm going to leave you guys with one of my favorite memories from the Fubar. I was standing in the back minding my own business, you know, not feeling it until the Ting Tongs came on. I don't know, but her song made me feel sexy
and the next thing you know I was shaking my big phat ass!

I must be in a really good mood because when I went back into my workplace to check my schedule for this week, I saw that cute Mexican guy I've been trying to holla at lately. So I went up to him and said, "hey, I know you're never ever gonna take me out dancing, so let's dance right now by the dish washing machine" . So while he was standing there with his rubber gloves and hair net on, I just started shaking my booty like nobody's business. And really, it was nobody's else business because it stop his wing man from coming over and getting his little kicks on. I hate it when guys think they need their wing man to mack on me. Anyhoo, I made my Mexican man smile and that made me feel good. Who knows, this might lead to something else?

And p.s. when I was shaking my thing for my mexican cook, I was thinking of the song below to help me move.


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