Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Love Life Is Picking Up

Yay, I have a real date this Saturday night. I just met this Filipino guy online and I think we're a match. His name is Alex and he's 5'10 Filipino guy from SF. Of course there's a catch, he's into husky gay guys. Lucky me.

What's funny is, when I was checking out his profile, he was checking out mine and we had some moments in our conversation when we really connected. Like when I told him I was a big fem bottom and he said he was straight acting top. Haha. Trust me, it doesn't get anymore perfect than that in the world of gay dating. That's so awesome.

And this past week I finally deep fried the Lumpia sitting in my freezer that I bought from Safeway last week. If some of you guys don't know what Lumpia is, they're like small eggrolls packed with meat, they're really good. They turned out great. The trick to deep fry them while making sure the vegatable oil is on a high heat.

Yeah, I guess it's about that time of year where I start getting back into my mating rituals. Maybe buying that Lumpia was my higher self's way of saying, "get ready to start nubbing on some Filipino eggrolls" .

Next time I'm going to buy corn dogs.


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