Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yay, I just checked my personal website:


and at exactly 2:14 am, it finally reached 10,000 views!

That's amazing! I must've timed it just right because it's exactly at 10,000 right now!

Not 10,001 or 10,003, or 9,998 but at 10,000 perfectly !!

So I think because I managed to look at the hit counter exactly at the 10,000 mark, that means I get to make a wish to myself. Usually when something like this happens, you're supposed to keep the wish to yourself but because this is a very special occasion, I'm going to share my wish with everyone.

So here's my wish, I wish that I may continue to be a successful stand up comedian and makes lot of money doing this.

Yay! Wow, 10,000 hits.

Oh gee, I've probably had my promo wesbite for a couple years now and it seems like it took forever just to get to that milestone. It'd be nice if my website hit counter were in the milliions but hey I'm working on it.

I'm so happy and grateful for the web traffic I do get.

So I say this with much gratitude, humbleness and humility, thank you all very much!



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