Monday, October 1, 2012

Meant to be

Today took a serious turn, I was supposed to host at the SF Theater Festival but then I got the boot so I was like, "fuck it, I'm going to check out Alanis Morissette" , at the Alice 97.3 - Now & Zen Music Festival at at Sharon Meadows inside Golden Gate Park.

I knew Alanis was coming to town and I really wanted to check her out but I already made a commitment to a friend and said I would host at the SF Theater Festival.

So when I became obligation free, I was like, "see yeah, wouldn't want to be yeah" , and dashed right over to Golden Gate Park.

Luckily I brought my, "Bi Curious" , show flyers so I spent some time flyering up the Haight/Asbury before heading over.

Alice usually puts on this free concert on the same day as Folsom Street Fair so I guess this year the organizers finally wanted to attend Folsom.

The weather in SF today was absolutely gorgeous, there was nothing but sun all around us.  If you were a visitor and decided to move to the Bay Area based only on todays sunny weather not knowing anything about SF's perennial fog, today would have been it.

When I finally arrived, Sharon Meadows was packed, and they weren't letting anymore people in.  The event was surrounded by a 7 ft high steel fence looping around the entire grassy knoll.  I think you guys know what I did next, thats right, this big girl hopped over the fence like a horse in heat and boom, the next thing you know I was in.

When I go to free concerts, I don't dick around, I go straight to the front like I just bought tickets.

There were several acts that performed today and I missed most of them.  Phillip Phillips was there, the guy who won American Idol this past season, Tristan Prettyman, and Hedley all of who I missed because I took my sweet ass time posting flyers.  I really didn't care because I knew Alanis was going on last and thats who I was there to see.

As I got closer to the stage, Ed Sheeran was tearing it up on stage.  I have no clue who Ed is but judging by his fan base of prepubescent tweens, he was on fire.  I really thought these little gum chewing bitches were going to get in my way but wouldn't you know when Ed was done with his set, they all cleared out, thank GOD.

The last act to take the stage before Alanis was a National/local act named Matt Nathanson.  I say he's a National/local act because people know him from abroad but he resides in SF, he was alright.

Finally, Alanis took the stage and I have to admit, I was really excited.

When Alanis came onto the scene in the 90's, she was the hot ticket and her shows completely sold out, so much so fashionista Naomi Campbell got turned away from one of her shows.

What I love about Alanis, she sings in Gealic, which has an Irish/Scottish/celtic pitch to it, think Sarah McLachlin.

Alanis maybe older but she still has the same charms, mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies as she did back in the 90's, I could see that in the way she smiled and glimpsed at one of the roadies who was helping her.

When Alanis took the stage, she did so with this fierce back and forth pace from side to side, and everytime she came to our side, we waved at her and she waved back.

Glancing back at the audience, all those angsty teenagers cleared out and it was nothing but a crowd of late 30 somethings, which made me feel good and not so out of place.

Alanis rattled several of her popluar tracks with one of her most identifiable songs anchoring the show, "Ironic" .  Before she went into song, Alanis said she had a crush on SF because we're smart, masculine, & feminine.  Well guess what Alanis, we have a crush on you back.  

She really got the crowd going when changed part of these famous lyrics, "its like meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful husband"  .  And you guys can believe I was cheering, yelling, and clapping real loud when she said it !!

I was seriously crooning to her songs and the lyrics to one of her songs got me all choked up and made me cry, it was, "You Learn", from her album, "Jagged Little Pill"  .

Yes, I've had my heart trampled on, yes, I've walked around naked in my living room, yes, I bit off more then I could chew, and yes, I've stuck my foot in my mouth at any time.

I keep hearing that when we die, we go before the Creator and tell him what we got out of this life and thats what I'm going to say, "I learned"  .


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