Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Finale

1st runner up Fabio Costa was robbed.  His idea design aesthetic was so original that it probably worked against him, thats a shame because this is fashion after all.

I'm not knocking the winner but his stuff was a little expected and boring.

When Fabio's draped designs took the runway, I'm pretty sure no one saw that one coming.  Fabio's color palette in the final runway was very easy on the eye, his light blue and pink watercolors accentuated his cosmic tribalism theme very well.  My favorite piece was his last dress with the tribal necklace, stunning.

And actually, I thought the blue eye shadow capped around all the eyes of the models was very chic, just that little of bit of make up fused his whole collection together beautifully.

You better work Fabio, you're a star!


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