Sunday, November 11, 2012

Naked Jack Mackenroth

I normally don't post pictures of naked male models with full frontal nudity on my page because this isn't that kind of blog unless those pictures are tastefully done.  I appreciate the male nude like anyone else so I try steer clear of vulgar poses and, "cock shots" .  And again, there are other blogs out there for that kind of smut.

But today, some photos of Project Runway alum Jack Mackenroth have just surfaced and when I mean they just surfaced, I mean they are professionally done portraits meant for distribution.

Jack's main claim to fame is that he was on Project Runway Season 4 before he had to bow out of the competition because of a staf infection in his nose, which coincidentally was the same season that designer Christian Siriano won it.

For those of you not aware of Jack, he's a former swimmer/model/fashion designer and who is open about his positive HIV status.

"Jack has always been very open about his positive HIV status. Since his diagnosis in 1990 he has tried to combat the stigma of HIV by living honestly and being a role model through professional and athletic achievements. He believes that public visibility educates and eventually saves lives. He has worked with HIV/AIDS charities such as God’s Love We Deliver and Project Open Hand, which deliver meals to homebound people with AIDS. Each year his swim team organizes a benefit event that raises over $25,000 annually for local AIDS charities. He hopes to further disprove the myths about HIV throughout his experience on Project Runway and beyond" -

Below, I pulled down some photos of Jack from the web to try and balance out his photo spread. *pun intended*

Good job Jack and nice ass.


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