Friday, December 7, 2012

Life of Pi Movie Review

Tonight was weird because I really didn't have a plan.

After hitting an open mic at the Stork Club I wondered into downtown Oakland only to discover Burger King's 55 cent deal for a whopper was only good for the original whopper and not their new Wisconsin Burger, boo.

After getting rejected and buying some back up cinnebons', I decided to head out to SF to catch a movie, not knowing what I was going to watch, it just felt like a movie night.

On the BART ride over from Oakland to SF, my mind began to drift, as it usually does, and all of sudden I began having these overwhelming thoughts about religion, philosophy, and my own personal beliefs.

My last drifting thought on that tangent was having blind faith

So you guys can imagine the surprise when I arrived inside the Centre Theaters at Bloomingdales, bought a ticket to see, "Life of Pi" , and listened to the movies first 20 minutes of theology dialogue and was completely blown away at myself for not buying a whopper earlier, just kidding.

Hehe ... no but seriously, I did think it was strange that I was having these deep provocative soul searching thoughts and then happen to wonder into a movie that asked these same type of questions.  I really didn't know what to expect watching this movie because I never read the book, I just thought this movie was going to be about a tiger, a boy, and his boat.  The wonderful storyline with great depth really was a welcoming surprise.

For one, I can say at the age of being 38 most of my own spiritual foundation has already been layed and I could have answered most of the questions Pi's father was throwing him in the beginning of the movie but it also struck me as disheartening to know how some parents manipulate their kids point of views with their own politics, which was very evident in Pi's father conversations to him.

I suppose we all have to believe in something and mostly likely I would not have the convictions I do today if my dad was around to raise to me, and if he were, that still doesn't mean he would've been right.

Expect Ang Lee's, "Life of Pi" , to be a serious Oscar contender this March.  The visuals in this movie were absolutely stunning, it'll definitely be up for Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Actor.

Good job Ang but we're all still waiting for the sequels to, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" .


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