Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Every now and then a very talented music artist will come along and change the rap game. Thank goodness Macklemore has a crossover rap hit, "Thriftshop" , playing continuously on the radio right now because otherwise they would have flew under my radar. There was a lyric in that song that caught my interest, it was the line where he identifies as being White, which threw me for a loop because after listening to the song for so long, I thought he was Black.

Anyhoo, after listening to his and Ryan Lewis's independent youtube channel:

it turns out theres more to these guys than meets the eye.

Macklemore is basically changing the rap game like bringing back all that is righteous to rap such as producing a pro-rap song about same sex in "Same Love" , calling out other rappers who use drugs and sell out to the mainstream machine in their song, "Other Side" .

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are a much needed breath of fresh air to a dying genre, I can't wait to see them in concert.



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