Monday, December 10, 2012

Millionaire Desperation

When it comes to dating, the only difference between the single & rich and the single & poor, is that the rich have more resources when actively looking for intimate partners.

For instance, there are elite dating services such as Patty Stanger's, "Millionaire Matchmaker" , and other private dating clubs where bachelors shell out thousands of dollars in hopes of finding a mate.

For the single & poor, we have Craigslist,,, and other low cost accessible social dating websites.

But those lines quickly vanish when desperate millionaires such as Marc Paskin pay thousands of dollars to advertise for dates on a freeway billboard in the San Diego area.

For God sakes man, buy a hooker already.

This billboard dating ad doesn't come across as sincere at all, I see no punch words for the kind of lady hes looking for like, "fun, charming, smart, interesting, unique, attractive ....." , omg, I can keep going for days on this but no, the only specific word Marc chooses is that she must be Latina, fuck everything else.

So because Marc only cares that his holiday girlfriend be Latina, I've taken it upon myself to match him up, age appropriate of course, with one of my favorite Latina personalities from Bravo's tv show, "Flipping Out" , Zoila:

Go Zoila, get that money!


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