Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Blog Stat's

Okay folks, this week I basically ran out've shit to talk about so I've decided to pull this weeks topic from the Blogger site itself. I was cruising threw my audience stats and was amazed to see whose been visiting my blog. Here's whose viewing my blog this week by country:

United States 199
Israel 19
Canada 5
Netherlands 5
South Korea 4
Germany 3
France 2
Denmark 1
United Kingdom 1
New Zealand 1

I took statistics in college and am going to do a breakdown for you guys, basically what this status report is saying is that if I play my cards right, I have a good chance of getting some dick from Isreal. I've seen men from there and am totally down. So, if any of you fine ass Hebrew men want to tap my corn hole, drop me a line and say hi sometime.

Here's the second stat, this is my all time stats by country on whose ever viewed my blogspot page:

United States 1,440
South Korea 118
Canada 79
Russia 40
Netherlands 31
Israel 29
Germany 26
United Kingdom 25
India 17
Hong Kong 16

Wow, thank you guys. I didn't know I had such a huge International reader following. I would just like to tell all my male readers that I do have a passport and am willing to travel a long way for some booty, all expense paid by you guys of course.

Otherwise you guys can keep stalking me on


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