Monday, November 1, 2010

And the winner for best costume is..

Charlie Ballard as Punky Brewster!

Just kidding! OMG I had so much tonight, from putting whip cream on my titty's to getting cat calls from passing cars the whole night!

Earlier I went to the Punchline comedy club thinking they might put me up because I had on a killer outfit but as always, they keep putting up the same boring people so I just ended up cutting out.

Afterwards, I started walking up Market St. and oh my goodness, everybody was just giggling at me left and right, especially from the ladies. Everyone was just feeling my outfit which made want to hit the dance floor real bad.

I could not believe how friendly everyone was to me tonight. It's like I should've been wearing daisy dukes and a pink tank top my whole life.

When I got to Badlands I kept telling myself I was the hottest mutha fuckin dancer in da house and everyone was eating it up because they kept pointing, giggling, and smiling!

The dragqueens, twinks, fag hags, bears, military men, straight couples, and bartenders were all just lovin me tonight. It felt so wonderful! I'm so glad I could bring so much joy to there Halloween.

The best compliment I got from the night was when these drunk queens who walked by and said, "girl you get best costume for the night" !

Anyhoo, I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I know I did!


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