Thursday, November 25, 2010

Square One

Hey ya'll, here's something I haven't done in a while - latenight blogging.

It's about 11:45pm and Thanksgiving is almost over. I hope everyone got to spend time with their loved ones. And if you didn't well then get your ass out've your house and go meet some people.

My new blog, the one you guys are reading, *duh*, is averaging about a 100 hits a day. That's okay because before this month, I never use to put that much time & energy into promoting or maintaining it. On my old myspace blog, I was getting up to almost a 1000 hits a week so I'm sure you guys could see the big up hill climb with starting over on this one. That's fine because it took me a minute to get it my old myspace blog to that point and now I know what it takes to get it there, so here we go again!

Here's my quick recap for today, we went and saw Burlesuqe with Cher & Christina Aguilera, it was a really good and I'd totally recommend seeing it. I really enoyed watching Cher do her thing on screen after all she is a legend.

Before hand we went to this little vegan soul food place off Broadway near the Jack London Waterfront. In America, the soul food genre is homecooking style popularized by African Americans from the South. Some of their well known dishes are cornbread, collard greens, catfish, mac & cheese, and other delictables. So you guys could imagine what kind've spin they put on there vegan dishes. We ordered the mash potato's, mac & cheese, cornbread, and peach cobbler. All of it was delicious! Most people don't know about this eatery because the Jack London Sqaure business district is going threw an economic low. I used to work for several restaurants in the area that have long since vanished.

Looking on the bright side, Oakland Mayor elect Jean Quan is pushing for a new ballpark to be built right next to Jack London Square, so when that happens, you guys can best believe that area is going to be poppin and that little vegan soul food place will probably have a line out the door, yes it was that good. It's too bad they're vegan restaurant, I'm sure they'd make great ribs.

Speaking of which, Evert & Jones BBQ was closed so that's why went to the vegan soul food place, so if anyone's in the area and has never been to Evert & Jones, go, espeically if it's your first timer to the Bay Area. I could go on about Evert & Jones but just take my word for it and go.

Okay now where was I before I started to make this another one of my foodie blogs?

Oh yeah, it's Black Friday tomorrow which means there's going to be a shit load of people shopping out. For my restuarant, it's the busiest day of the year and we're expecting a very long day at work. We're pretty close to Bloomingdales and all the other shopping areas downtown so that's where we get most of our foot traffic.

I told my boss that I'd be bringing in donuts for our crew. Our previous management team use to do that for us and since we got new management, they stopped. And since I'm getting reimbursed for being a team player, you guys know I'm going to be loading up on jelly's, maples & chocoalate long johns and if my other co-workers don't like it well then too bad, more for me.


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