Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not Obsesssed

I think when any of my blogs starts off by saying that I'm not obsessed, I'd definitely say that I am, atleast on some level.

What or who could I obsessing over, a dude of course. Not just any guy, a very funny guy. We were comedian friends a while back and then we had a falling out.

What caused it, let's just say at the time his shitty little girlfriend, who is also a comedian, didn't like it when she caught him warping my pictures online in his sparetime and then she had the nerve to call me out on stage like I had to do anything with it.

To be honest, looking back at it, I don't even think it was about him. Point blank, I never liked that bitch and that's why I never gave her the time of day. And I think this is where the attacks came from. Whatev's, I guess some people can't live without Charlie Ballard's personal, "you're so funny" , validation. Get over it bitch.

When she did that shit to me that night, I so held back because I just got back from L.A., and I was really tired so I immediately removed myself from the audience. I wanted to fire back and say, "what bothering you so much, that when he's fucking your pussy, he's thinking about me" ?

Who really knows what he thinks when he's boning her but I do know for a fact that he does have a thing for my bodacious ta ta's. So that was my little weapon whenever she was around, all I had to do was flash him my big pink panies and watch her start flipping out, which I really enjoyed by the way.

So anyhoo, one night I decided to get this bitch back by calling out this whole situation when her man was on stage, even though it was cute watching him try to talk his way out've it, I really regret going there because I knew that was the end of our friendship.

And what kills me the most is that I know he really likes my titty's. And I'm super fine with that because I want his big cock to cum all over them. I know he has a big cock because he use to brag about it all the time on stage.

So I guess that's what I'm kind've intrinsically obessesing over, I think I was on the path of getting some of his big juicy dick and then that little bitch fucked it up.

As everyone knows, for Halloween I dressed up as a dirty little slut and went to the Punchline Comedy Club. I saw him there and wanted to pull him aside and say, "you know what, I dressed up like a filthy slut just for you" .

I just saw him tonight and really, this is where this whole blog comes from. I thought it was really cute that we bumped into each in the Mission, he was on his way home and I was on my way to the Day of the Dead procession. It was fun watching the both of us trying to act civil to each other after knowing how much tension there is between us.

This is how fucked up I was over it at the time, after that incident happened, that's when I started shutting myself off to other comedians. I figured I'm not safe anymore associating with the other comedians because who knows what other shit people might try to pull on me, so that was a big reason why I decided to keep to myself and talk to a few people.

Some good things did come out've this. Has anyone seen my B & W photo's in my album page. This guy actually inspired that too. At the time I was like if you want to see my ass so much, let's take a picture of it because it will last longer. And really, those are some of my best portrait shots to date.

Oh well but I do still care for him and as always, I'm going to leave my door open for him because he's always invited in. I'm also going to leave my backdoor open for him too but I still I think he's into my titty's more.


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