Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maroon 5 Recap

Today was worth it. I got up early and got in line early to see Maroon 5 and now I'm totally exhausted. I did get to meet some cool people in line. I ran into some comics and they always make things interesting. Local comedian Misha Trubbs was there with his promotional crew and those guys were hilarious. Misha likes flirting with any girl that walks by him, so after they walked me back into line they started flirting with this lesbian couple. Those girls were really nice about it, they could've been total dicks but they were cool. That whole incident was hilarious to me because I was like, "dude, she has a mullet, I'm pretty sure she's not interested" .

I got in line about 4:30pm and we didn't go in until 7pm. I really think the cold weather snuck up on everyone outside, it was really cold. When we all finally got inside, the crowd looked pretty mixed but you wouldn't of known that by all the young asian kids that were waiting in line with me. For a quick second I felt out've place but then I just told myself, "whatev's" .

Everybody was pretty chill until these 3 white people tried to sneak in line with me. It probably wouldn't have bothered me so much if they weren't so damn snotty about it. I'm so sure, they're gonna try and jump the line in front of some people who've been waiting outside in the cold for 2 1/2 hrs, I don't think so. I went straight to the security people and snitched those little fuckers out. And when the security guard asked them to go the end of the line, which was around the block, they just got even snottier. And then they asked the security guard if it was me who ratted them out and I was like, "yep.. bye bye..." , and then I just walked into the club all pretty.

I know, not very lady like but fuck it, I was tired and annoyed. Anyhoo, I'm loading some video footage, I'll blog about it later!


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