Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Huffington Post

Hey kids, I just applied for a job with the Huffington Post as a Comedy Editor, isn't that nuts?

If some of you aren't familiar with the Huffington Post, the Huffington Post is a Liberal/Progressive American news website. The namesake and news group was co-founded by Ariana Huffington. Ariana is of Greek descent. She used to be a Republican but now is a conservative liberal, which means she knows how to pee standing up.

She use to be a married to a Millionaire Michael Huffington who later turned out be a bisexual, which probably explains why he's from Indiana, I mean really, if I was from Indiana I'd probably be bisexual too, what else is there do in Indiana besides each other?

Ariana has too many writing accolades to list but her most notable effort was running as an Independent in the California Governor recall election of 2003. And honestly, I don't even remember seeing her name on the ballot. That year as a proud Californian I voted for Gary Coleman, for many of you whom remember as the beloved cast member of the popular family sitcom from the 80's, "Different Strokes" . I voted for Gary because of all the candidates running, he was the only one who made his politcal stance clear on every social and politcal issue. Which I might mention that Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger failed to do other than making cameo's in bad movies from the 90's.

In a twist of sorts, her exhusband Micheal Huffington endorsed Arnold in his campaign for Governor over his ex-wife Ariana, probably because he thought he chance with the Terminator.


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