Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrity - "Excuse My Beauty"

I really don't think of myself as a celebrity but more of an entertainment blogger/versatile power bottom/chanteuse of stand up comedy/penis connoisseur/chimichanga adventurer and so on.

Most people know my prowess as the Gay Native American stand up comedian but the # 1 Gay Native American public figure is Steven A.K.A as , "Excuse My Beauty" , who is a bonified web super star since being busted by the police on the reality show, "Cops" .

Her, "Excuse My Beauty" , video on youtube has accumulated hundreds of thousands of hits, which has been taken down, reposted , taken down and reposted again only to garner thousands of more video hits.

Who would have ever thought this Navajo tranny, who was waiting for her cousin Tate to pick up her would become an international web sensation?

I really love how the officer introduces the scenerio, "a group of guys that are cross-dressers that kind of sell themselves for money to buy liquor and alcohol" , uhhhhh duh Mr. Officer, those malt liquor beverages aren't going to pay for themselves.

And when you watch the video, the officer said there were a group of cross-dressers when only the visible tranny seen is Steven.

OMG and are you serious, the Albuquerque Police Dept couldn't find anything else better to do than bust Steven's chops over some stolen ballons? Whatev's. I used to live in Albuquerque and the APD could have better spent their time tracking down real criminals rather then harassing tranny hookers who were obviously only having afternoon cocktails at Circle K.

I suppose what makes this video great is how Steven's fierce spirit shines through! As soon as the officer asks where Steven's I.D. is, she fires back and says, "I'm from Arizona" , and you can just hear the defiance, fearlessness, and discontent for the law in her voice as if this whole experience is just beneath her. And whats really good, even though Steven knows and all the viewers know shes going to jail, that doesn't stop from her from going to toe to toe with the cop.

The best exchange between the officer and Steven is when:

Officer: "what have you been arrested for"

Steven: "who me" ?

Officer: "yeah, you're who I'm talking to right"

Steven: "attitude ... "

Officer: "attitude, why do you get disorderly" ?

Steven: "ehw no I never got arrested or convicted"

Officer: "so how do you get arrested for attitude"

Steven: "because I'm always buzzed"

You go girl, I suppose thats why so many Americans and people worldwide can relate to his video, I mean c'mon, whose never had a brush with the law when a little alcohol was involved?

The most eye popping visual in this video is when they showed Steven's tranny camel toe for days, for days girl.

The other thing that caught my eye is how the officer specifically interrogated Steven, its no coincidence the camera's went after her.  There whole interaction was meant to be dramatic, far fetched, interesting, entertaining, funny, strange, and most of all, sensational.

Say what you will but we all know Steven a.k.a Stephanie is the one who came out on top, she didn't go out like a punk, she let them have it and there the ones who got served, werk bitch!

Steven has become such a pop cult sensation that an artist rendered a painting of her, which has been affectionately titled: Excuse My Beauty.  Painting by Bunky Echo Hawk *Pawnee*

You better werk!



  1. I wished they would've shown the other person's eyebrows!

  2. I'll be a boy for you!

  3. This is she and browsin,This is a pheonominal painting,Loves it!The whole C.O.P.S. show better watch it!!!!haha love Excuse my beauty!