Sunday, December 11, 2011

Labor of love

What an exhausting week it's been for me. I can't remember working so many doubles in a while. For those of you who don't know, while I pursue my dream being a professional stand up comedian at night, I work as a waiter in Mexican restaurant in downtown SF during the day. Work really picked up this past week and I can't remember working that many doubles back to back in a long time, the money was good and it's totally helping me get out of debt right now, yup, my cheeseburger habit add's up fast.

So since I was at work all this past week, I had no time to run around the lake. That's too bad too because I can feel my pants getting looser and I'm able to wear my belt one notch in! That's quite an accomplishment if you ask me.

The other thing on my plate has been the Hella Gay Comedy Show, we just finished the last show for the Fall series last night and we packed out the room again.

I was so proud of all my performers. I am so lucky to know to so many wonderful comedians who enjoy doing their performance art.

Starting off last night's show was comedian magician Fred Anderson. I put him first because I knew his dynamic act would set off the show. There were moments when you could the feel crowd wanting more from Fred. So, if some of you guys didn't get enough, definitely go check him out at the Actor's Theater for his New Years Comedy Celebration!

Our second batter for the evening was Miss Queen TT. As always, this woman brings the heat. Every show I have ever booked her for, she's been sensational and a crowd favorite.

Up next was the very talented hipster, "alternative", (eastbayexpress) comedian - Andrew Holmgren. Andrew worked his set like a real pro, he's come such a long way since I first started to take notice of him at the Nick Crispy Taco's comedy open mic a couple of years ago, expect big things from him in the future.

On a chance meeting, I happen to attend the QComedy show in SF and met Carrie Avritt. She saw the Hella Gay Comedy Show a month before and was interested in performing. I love chance meetings because she was a pleasure to meet and she was fabulous to have on the show!

Pacing the middle of the show was Tony Sparks. Before Tony went up I told him not to hold back and go for it, and he sure did let the crowd have it. Tony is a ball of fire when he gets hot and he was hot.

The Hella Gay Comedy Show is a mix of working professionals and newbies. Our newbie for last night was Stephanie Milton. I met Stephanie at the San Jose Improv when they were hosting the Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition. When we exchanged hello's she had mentioned she hadn't been on stage before so I said, "why not come to my show and pop your cherry" . Stephanie did very well and we look forward to seeing her around the comedy scene, she has a bright future in stand up a head of her.

Closing out last nights show was Dolores Trevino. Dolores is an old school LGBT performer from the 80's, she used to perform at the Valencia Rose and Josie's Ca berate when it was in effect. And would you guys believe Dolores was in retirement from stand up comedy and it was the Hella Gay Comedy Show that helped pull her back out! She saw the HG flyers from this years Oakland Pride Festival and the rest is herstory.

Did I mention I have tomorrow off and I'm done working a 6 day schedule? My poor dogs are tired right, what I wouldn't give for a hot man to rub my feet right now. I can't believe I just said that. I think I must be getting old. The old me would have just said, "I want a hot man to roll me over and make pancake soup out of me" , haha.. whatever that means, but seriously I really do want a hot man to give me an incredible foot rub because I have earned it, well at least in the beginning before he does the nasty to me. *winks*

Okay everybody! Happy Holidays, stay warm and safe!


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  1. Thanks for having me, Charlie. I always enjoy working with you! And I'm posting your quote about my work on my website by the way! he he he!!!! Love, love, love ya!!!