Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank You Santa!

Santa Claus totally gave me exactly what I wanted for Christmas this year, I wanted to know who my #1 Hater Blog Fan was and when I found out, we totally giggled on the phone for an hour over the phone last night, too funny. So this means I'm opening my anonymous comments back up and for anyone to feel free to say whatever. ;)

At the request of this person, there identity did not want to be revealed but I will say this, she did leave me clues that it was her leaving the comments all along, ha ha, and hopefully this person will be able to join us in Florida next year for !

Moving forward, just now I got an email from Jade that shes in town for Christmas, knowing her, shes probably already gone. I hate it when people tell me there in town the last minute and then want to get together for breakfast, whatev's, we could have spent Christmas together. I cooked this massive Christmas dinner last night and we had a lot left over, oh well, more for us.

In other news, our washer is finally getting fixed tomorrow, thank goodness.
It was such a hassle walking up the street with my laundry cart every couple of days, theres no way I would have made it through a work week without the washing machine being fixed so I'm really happy for that.

Now that 2012 is creeping upon us, its time to get to more physical and buckle down on what I eat, if I don't then theres now way the extra weight is going to come off. When you diet, it really does boil down to what you eat.

OMG, I didn't even talk about my quick trip to L.A. this past Friday, it was a fast one day trip, I went down with a friend, comedian Johan Miranda for, "Big Al's Big Ass Comedy Show" , at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California. We left Friday morning and got back Saturday evening. I've done one day trips to L.A. before but never by car, that trip really did take a lot out me but it was well worth it!

We left around 8:00am and pulled in around 3:00pm. We were supposed to stay with my friend Kathy but I found a really good deal on for a hotel room and it was too hard to pass up. We stayed at a 3 1/2 star hotel at a 1 star price. And trust me, I know 1 star from hotwire because its bullshit.

Anyhoo, it was probably a good thing we got a room because that gave us a chance to shower, change, rest, and run around before we had to head out. And not to mention, we didn't have to worry about what time we had to be back, so the stress level factors were low.

We arrived at the Comedy Store about 6:30pm. As we were driving through L.A., there was nobody on the highways. For some reason I thought the L.A. highways were going to be a nightmare, especially on a Friday but I guess everyone went home for the holidays. It was almost like L.A. was a ghost town because nobody was out. I'm guessing many of them aren't rooted here and get homesick for the holidays.

I had about 50 people on my guest list and less then half of them showed up, which is about right. Most people who sign up for a guest list never show up so I always appreciate the people who do come out!

We were in the small comedy room upstairs called, The Belly Room" , so our intimate crowd was perfect! It would have been nice if the other comedians brought people but I guess they're still working on the followings.

Speaking of, I finally got to meet a few people from facebook which is always great! I got presented with some beautiful flowers from April Skinas, which was awesome!

and here they are again, I just love these, thank you April!

When comedian Comedian Gabriel Iglesias performs, his fans bring him cake.

So for now, if my fans want to bring me flowers, I would be totally cool with that!

Flowers are very personal to me. The Ojibwe are known through out Indian country for our traditional floral patterns so thats I why I wear flower prints on my tshirts and anywhere else. For the Anishnabe, flowers represent love and beauty, so thats why I love them so much.

SF Queer Comedian - Ricky Luna was in attendance for the show. He's been down there for a couple weeks already and from what I gather, is having a great time checking out the L.A. comedy scene. Ricky reminded me of a lot of myself the first time down there and you can just see the amazement and grand-ere in his eyes. After the show, we were all hanging outside in the Comedy Store lounge area and Ricky spotted his # 1 comedy idol - Sarah Silverman and then I was all, "lets go take a picture with that bitch" , and for once, Ricky was sooooo shy. So I walked over to Sarah and asked her if it was cool for her to pic with him of course she obliged.

Here are the pictures I took of them!

Don't they just look so adorable together?

Here they are getting acquainted like, "you say nigger in your comedy act too, so do I" !

Okay people, thats going to be it for today.

Happy a great New Year and everyone welcome back my #1 Hater Blog Stalker fan, yay, 2012 is going to be fantastic!



  1. I really dont know who you were speaking to. that sure was not me!!! dumb ass...

  2. Hey, chaz who is that comment from? not me.