Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa Claus and Native Americans

Ho Ho Ho! Here are some Christmas jokes I wrote with a Native twist, enjoy!



1) In most households when Santa Claus comes to visit, they leave out milk and cookies for him, in Native households they leave out mutton stew.

2) An old Indian woman once said about Santa Claus, "that man's real big, how come he don't get diabetes like the rest of us" .

3) Mrs. Claus can always tell when Santa spends time with the Native people because after she tells him something, he always responds back, "alright den" .

4) Originally, Santa Claus tried using rez dogs to pull his slay but it was too hard to get them on his porch from napping.

5) Santa Claus fits perfectly into Native Culture, his jingle bells sound real good on the powwow dance floor.

6) Frosty the Snowman hates it when people pee in his snow.

7) Santa Claus Fact: Santa's red nose is not caused by the cold but by years of habitual drinking.

8) The first time Santa Claus met Native Americans he spent 5 hours trying to convince them the North Pole wasn't a reservation.

9) When Santa Claus visits the Indian reservations he doesn't bring his slay with him anymore, one time he noticed a reindeer missing from his slay and was wondering where the good beef jerky came from.

10) Santa Claus is very careful when he drops presents off on the Hopi reservation. The last time he was there he accidentally took a little Hopi back with him to the North Pole because he thought they were one of his elves.

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