Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hater Stalker Fan

Hey guys, its come to my attention that a hater stalker fan has been posting nasty little comments on my blogs lately which is going to change the way people can leave comments on my blogs, which really isn't a bad idea.

When my, "Hella Gay Hotbed" , article came out a couple weeks ago, someone tried to leave a comment at the bottom of that link but it was blocked by the East Bay Express because they don't allow anonymous comments.

That really is a good policy for the EBX to enforce because it makes people accountable for their comments, so I guess its time for me to follow that lead.

Getting back to my #1 Stalker fan, I'm 90% sure I know who its coming from. But seeing as they're too chicken shit to say it to my face, its pointless to even waste one second worrying about it.

I'm not going to lie, I do have a few rivals in stand up comedy. I can think of a few other comedians who haven't been on television, who don't get positive write ups in the press, whose only following are there family or co-workers, and who aren't getting anywhere other then performing in someones living room.

That's not my fault, thats a reflection of their work ethic or lack thereof.

And maybe, just maybe, they should probably lay off all the weed and alcohol thats been apprehending their comedy careers in the first place.

But then again, after listening to some of their jokes, you can't blame drugs and alcohol on everything.

So here's my personal message to my #1 Hater fan, you get one more chance to leave your regular, "hater" , comment below because after this one, you'll have to register with Google to leave a comment below, so make sure its a good one because my readers expect the best.

And oh ...



  1. Oh, charlie u figured it out! NOT.... Try again. why? block it afraid u cant handle the truth!!! youre so tremmbling. just leave as is!!! youre fans need the shit talk! because you boreing!!!

  2. You know the saying about ASSUMPTION. THAT SO APPLIES TO YOU RIGHT NOW!!!

  3. of course I know you are, you are somebody whose been burned recently, serves you right for thinking you can say whatever want to somebody, "you know" . - TTYN