Saturday, December 31, 2011

Joe Rogan

After hours of online searching, I finally found the Joe Rogan photo which inspired this blog in the first place and here it is.

There was just something about this MMA inspired photo that makes him look attractive.

Many of you may know Comedian/Actor/Host Joe Rogan from NBC's, "Fear Factor" , or his role on NBC's, "News Radio" .

As much as I think Joe Rogan is cute, I'm not really a fan of his comedy. I've been to his show before and hes just not my cup of tea but that shouldn't suggest that I don't think he's hot because he is.

For me, certain comedians are able to capture my imagination and he isn't one of them. I'm sure he's funny to tons of people, which are mostly young straight men in the 18 - 25 demo, I'm just not one of them. I think they like him because he's a mans man, if that makes sense. He talks about everyday guy shit they can relate to like hunting, opening cans, or fixing cars, I'm assuming.

Me however, I just want to take a ride his sausage wheel.

In his bio's he ascertains himself as complex man which basically means he got, "issues" . Thats never bothered me before a man, I always thought men with issues make great lovers because when they're boning you, you can feel their passion, seriously, it makes the whole experience feel real.

I guess because of Joe Rogan I must like short men, after all he is a muscly 5'8, wow, can I keep the wrapping box he came in?

What intrigues more about Joe Rogan is that he knows how to do the splitz.

Do you guys know how hard it is to the splitz, its not eazy. I've actually been thinking about doing a man show next show with a splitz theme.

While searching the web for Joe Rogan pics, the best one I came across was this one where hes laughing with a tv audience. I like this one because it shows he vulnerable and has feelings coated inside that rough exterior.


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