Tuesday, December 13, 2011

IHS Jokes * Indian Health Service*

If you're Native American and have received healthcare on the reservation, then you have probably experienced some of these occurences at a IHS *Indian Health Service* hospital.

1) I paid my IHS dental bill in full and the lady was like, "are you sure you want to pay all of it" ? Only at IHS.

2) My worst experience ever at IHS. I suffered a mild heart attack and they gave me ear drops.

3) You know you've received IHS care when you've been waiting in the emergency room for more then 12 hrs waiting to get seen.

4) You know you've received IHS care when you come back from your diabetes support group and they're selling frybread out front.

5) I went to IHS for my annual check up and my doctor tried to sell me tires too, wtf?

6) Only at IHS do their name tags say - Doctor-ish

7) If the healthcare at IHS is so good, then why do IHS employee's have healthcare somewhere else?

8) I went into IHS for a dental cleaning and came out with a paps mere.

9) I will give IHS this, you can find the best NDN jewelry and breakfast burrito's in the parking lot.

10) You know you're getting IHS healthcare when the emergency transport is a a flatbed truck.

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