Monday, December 12, 2011

How Well Do You Know Me

Charlie Ballard pet peeve # 324: I hate it when people say, "I know you" . If you know me so well then what are the answers to these questions.

#1) What was the name of the kids tv show that I madly fall in love with when I was 3 years old?

Answer: The Mickey Mouse Club - I could not take my eyes off that tv show, I always wished I could be a mousekateer, wear the hat with mouse ears, and sing a long with them!

#2) What kind of stuffed animal did I use to carry around when I was 5 and what was unique about it?

Answer: I was given a stuffed dog for Christmas, I think it was pound puppy. I loved that stuffed even when it lost its left eye.

#3) Who was my first high school love?

Answer: Suckers, do you really think I would tell you guys.

#4) What is my middle name and what does it mean?

Answer: A few people know what my middle name is and even a few know what it means, I like to keep it that way.

#5) How many different pairs of Dockers shorts did I talk myself out of buying at Mervyn's back in 1990?

Answer: I had 30 different pairs of Dockers shorts in my hands as I walked up to the Mervyn's cashier. I had every color in my hand, blue, green, red, fusia, black, cherry, orange, and so on. Something just clicked with me that I was going too far so from then on I would only buy a limit of three colors to one style of clothes, and that's even if I like it.

The point to this blog is not to make assumptions about people you don't know and especially not take them for granted.

I have personally known the same people for years and I still learn something new about them everyday.


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  1. i know as a goodwill shopping troll.