Friday, December 16, 2011

Sasha Baron Cohen - The Dictator

OMG, I'm sorry to all the Arab's and Middle Easterners for the new Sasha Baron Cohen movie, "The Dictator" , that it might offend but this shit is funny.

Sasha Baron Cohen pushes the envelope again in this over the top parody spoof of a Middle Eastern tyrant. It's hard to say which Middle Eastern public figure Sasha is making fun of so I'm assuming Sasha is making fun of all of them.

At different times in the media, I've heard a lot of the Middle Eastern leaders say some stupid ridiculous comments about women, the war, and world cultures. So I'm sure it wasn't difficult for Sasha to mine material for this movie.

As mush as I love Sasha, I'm a little scared for him now. I mean, after all, his last name is Cohen. *Jewish* And if I'm not mistaken, the Middle Eastern countries hate anything Jewish related ie Israel, Hanukkah, matza balls and their freedoms, someone please note me otherwise in the comment box below if I'm wrong.

But like I said, the Muslim community is notorious for getting easily pissed and blowing shit up. I wouldn't be surprised if a Ghad suicide bomber trys to take out a entire movie audience for trying to watch, "The Dictator" , but it would give a new meaning to the expression, "that movie bombed" .


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