Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hella Gay Comedy Show Audience Comments

I just finished surfing the web for audience comments on the Hella Gay Comedy Show I produced, here's a small list of feedback that we got from the audience, enjoy!

Our harshest comments came from the, which is a half price ticketing agency online. I decided to use them because they have a large LGBT database. The only drawback with them is that their members are use to getting quality entertainment for cheap, so the standard to please them was set pretty high.

The only thing that I thought was suspicious about using Goldstar, with all the slam comments we were getting from their members, we were still getting more people from Goldstar ready to buy tickets for the next show, go figure.

Seriously, some of them were like, "this show sucks but go see it anyways" . haha


"This was a fairly amateur comedy show with some very out-of-the-box comedians. Alot of the material was so odd that much of the audience found it to be more confrontational than funny. I give them one star for the balls to be so "in your face," and another star to the organizer for putting together this showcase of gay and transgendered comedians. However, I would not go again" - Goldstar member 2 stars


"There were moments when I would have given this two stars. But, then again, there were moments when I would have given it five. But overall lack of focus and cohesiveness put me on the low star side. Focus on the comedy! Opera and rap are great, especially when appropriate. Not in a comedy night" - Scott Carter 3 stars


"The Hella Gay Comedy Show was hella straight. That is, out of a lineup of seven, there were two (self-proclaimed) dykes, three people in relationships with the opposite sex, and two comedians whose relationships/orientation didn't factor into their acts. Oh, and the emcee was pretty flaming (but not funny). I'm no separatist, but if you're going to bill something as "hella gay", get some LGBTQ entertainers! It's not really cool to have men bitching about their women ("Ya know what I mean?" No, not really.) and flamboyant straight women proclaiming how much they "love you people".

To sum up:
The two dykes were pretty funny.
The clown juggling dildos was the gayest thing up there. (And an amusing opener!)
The newbie -- Stephanie from Santa Cruz -- was the best act that night, and her sexual orientation didn't figure into it"
- Remy 3 stars


"I'm sure the talent will vary from show to show (and we attended the first one). While we really appreciate the effort to produce gay-themed entertainment in the east bay, this event is going to have to turn it up a notch or two if it wants to maintain a decent following.

Aside from an AMAZING opera singer (who performed in spite of hideous and constant loud feedback), and a "Gaysian" comic whose name I forget (but he could do vocal impressions like nobody's business) the rest of the field ranged from odd (a "straight" man who kept coming out to propose marriage to various female audience members), to awful (a guy who performed a "rock opera" in a terrible psuedo russian accent even tho he claimed to be german and whose "prop" was a powerpoint presentation on a laptop that no one could see/read).

MC didn't really add anything to the mix. We left early. Chips and guacamole were good"
- Jordieb 3 stars


"I enjoyed the show, alot of variety. Jackie was great, I hope to see her again. It had a good flow" - Goldstar Member 3 stars


"I didnt know it would be a variety show. We really came to hear more comedy by Charlie, this wasnt the case. The variety was alright although sometimes less is more. It looked like everyone there didnt have to by a tickets. People were just walking in and having a seat" - Cmrizzuto 4 stars


"Jackie was AMAZING!" - Goldstar Member 4 stars


"I think that for this show, they definitely took into consideration the things that people didn't like about previous shows. It was all comedy; well, just about. There was a comedic magician/clown. Either way, with the eclectic selection of comedians, we were all laughing practically the entire time there. Our absolute favorite was a comic named Andrew, who usually does a "Gay Jesus" routine but did something different but completely hilarious. I'd definitely come again. At the end of the show, they announced that it will be Free!!! How awesome is that?" - Goldstar Member 4 stars


"totally fun" - Razza 5 Stars


"There were two tiers of tickets. I paid for the more expensive tickets, but it didn't matter, I still didn't get a seat. Standing next to the bar, I endured a horrific opening act followed by one lame “comedian” after another. One comedian I would refer to as funny; the others wouldn't even pass for a courtesy smile. We ended up leaving about an hour in to the show. It was truly awful and certainly not worth the drive from the city. Save your money by buying take-out and watching the Comedy channel" - Goldstar Member 2 stars


"Half of the comedians were entertaining........"
- Goldstar Member 2 stars


Thank God I invited other social groups to attend the show, they were definitely less critical and more jovial to have around, here are some comments from the LGBT Fun Group

"I would strongly encourage everyone to go next month! I had a great time, funny entertainment, laughter, good food and drink..... I hope to see everybody there January"
!! - Santos

"hella funny" - Jill

"Loads of great acts and a wonderful crowd. Laughed a lot" ! - Katrina

"My Hella Gay ass loved the Hell out of this Hella Gay funny as f*ck comedy show.=D " - Jess

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