Friday, March 9, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 9

This was my last day of a heavy work week, so tomorrow I can finally relax and catch up on my rest.

This morning a police car was in pursuit of a stolen car, and whats funny about that, the bus that I usually catch in the morning was right behind the chase as it was happening and the driver almost missed my stop because she was too busy watching the chase and following it. Now thats just ridiculous. A guy stole a car thus having a cop car chase him, and then there was a bus chasing them because they were being a nosey ass, whatev's.

Anyhoo, heres what I ate today:

- 2 small cups of beans/rice/pico de gallo/pineapple salsa from work
- small salad from Lee's Deli, romaine lettuce, dried cranberries, crushed walnuts, and strawberries with oil and red vinegar. I remember that salad recipe from a fast food place, I think the salad was called "Strawberry Champagne Surprise" , or something, anyhow, it was really good.
- small Cold Stone Creamery ice cream with black cherries, pinapple, caramel, and yellow cake
- small order of spicy wings from Tommy T's
- chips and salsa from Tommy T's
- peanut butter sandwic
- 2 cups of grape juice
- 2 small portions of Hamburger Helper

Right now I'm on way to see George Lopez at Tommy T's in SF and I'm pretty sure I'll be eating a steak, I mean hello, its George Lopez so I'm going to live a little, not a lot but a little.

I also stopped by Old Navy to look at some clothes. I going to have to tell myself not to shop until I dropped my weight, I really feel like I should be wearing a smaller size, my body may not be up to speed yet but my mind is already starting to think skinny.

Anyhoo, happy dieting!


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