Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 20

I have one more day off because I go back to work, when I'm not working its hard for me to stick my diet because I have this nasty habit of spluring, shit.

My day was good, heres what I ate!

- 2 instant oatmeals with raisen, 2 spoons of sugar to get the digestion track going
- peanut butter and raspberry sandwich
- BLT Salad from Burger King, Ranch Dressing
- snacks from tonights event, sparkling cider, cookies, california rolls, chips and salsa
- Banana Split from the Creamery on 18th Street in SF, I love how they glaze their banana's with sugar on top, they come out caramelized!

Around late afternoon is when I took a good deuce, that oatmeal and salad helped push that junk out out my stomach.

Tonight was great, I got to perform at the Native American AIDS Awareness Day and the whole event was a success, congrats to the Native American Health Center for sponsoring such a wonderful event!

The Rumsey Ohlone guy who opened the event with his handstick prayer songs was into my set threw my whole time on stage, so that made me feel good! The crowd was good but I always remember the best laughers in the audience!

I still have another couple days before I get on the scale. I want to lose this week so I have to make sure I stay within my eating habits!

Happy Dieting!


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