Monday, March 12, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 11

Sunday was a good day, I didn't have a chance to blog my diet that day, so here it is:

- grape juice
- peanut butter sandwich
- parfait from McDonald's
- small chow main from Fruitvale, I wasn't going to but I love fresh Chinese Food!
- baked Chicken, Zuni style with tons of salt
- 2 small chocolate eggs from Walgreens because its Easter
- Instant Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with 2 table spoons of sugar, raisins, and milk. <---- That was da-bomb!

You know, I can tell my weight has been coming off because I've been shitting a lot and I do mean a lot, when I have to go, I have to go. With that being said, my last late night shit was in an empty car lot off Van Ness street in SF. I really didn't feel weird about taking a shit in public because I had done it before but I know I need to be really careful when I do this, after all, its not a pretty sight when a stranger catches you taking a dump on the sidewalk. And yes, I did look for a nearby indoor bathroom but there was nothing available. I don't want anyone to think I like taking a shit in public because I don't and for that matter, I was very classy about it too, fortunately this time I had some newspaper with me, when I was done, I balled it up, threw it in the garbage and no one knew the wiser. After that last experience I've been seriously thinking about carrying around those plastic popper bags dog owners carry around for their pets, except I don't have a pet, its for me.

Happy Dieting everyone!


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