Friday, March 16, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 16

I did splurge a little bit last night but I got back on the wagon this afternoon.

I went to my doctor to fill a prescription and damned if his weight scale said I was fat. It didn't matter to me because I'm going by my weight scale at home. And plus my tummy looks smaller this week.

Here's what I ate so far today:

- small glass of cranberry juice.
- 2 peanut & honey sandwiches.
- small Apple and Chicken salad from Wendy's, it was good but I recommend the crispy. chicken instead of the grilled chicken next time.
- small cookies n cream from the Cold Stone Creamery with chocolate, caramel, and oreo's mixed in
- small portion of beef enchi's, which didn't turn out very good. :( I think the sauce was old.

Today is my day but I decided to relax because its raining out, surprisingly I got a lot down today.

Happy Dieting!


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