Thursday, March 1, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 1

Food Anonymous Diet Day 1: for the next 90 days I'll be doing the FA diet, which means no sugar or flour! My weight has stayed the same for the past couple of weeks and still with the all the running I've been doing, it was time to take it a step further and change my daily diet because thats whats been kicking my butt! Wish me luck guys!

Starting Weight: 275

What I ate for today!

- cup of Black Beans with pico salsa
- small salad from Lee's Deli, cranberries, walnuts, romainse lettuce,
oil & vinegar,
- McDonald's Soutwest Salad with Paul Newman's Southest dressing
- McDonald's parfait *yummie*
- cream of wheat package with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a couple splashes of, "I can't believe it's not butter" !
- small bag of pistachio's

The FA Diet is supposed to consist of no sugar and no flour in my dieting, so even though I put 2 spoons of sugar, I'm not tripping because I wanted to enjoy my cream of wheat.


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