Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back on the Saddle

Today was the day that I finally got back into my running regimen.

And of course it had to start on a day when I thought I was running late. I got to work and arrived 30 minutes early.

Thank goodness I got cut early, I'm always a mess in the morning if I don't shower because my body smell's, my hair is going every which way, and then I have to put on my happy face.

When I got home, I decided enough was enough, it was time to go hit the lake, which I haven't done since January or February of this year, yes, it's been that long.

What made me stop a while ago? I think my body just needed a break.

I've been running/jogging around the Lake Merrit in Oakland since I graduated from school. And in between I'll usually take a short break to give my body a rest, I mean, for goodness sake, I'm not training for a marathon or anything, I'm running because I enjoy it.

When I finished my usual 2 mile course on the outside track, I could feel my thighs tightening up. It's a good thing I spent 30 minutes stretching out beforehand otherwise I would've been hurting bad.

After my run, I went to KFC for a 2 piece meal. Yes, this is my usual routine after I go run. I have to be careful about that but today I was hungry. And besides, I got the grilled chicken meal so it was just that more healthier to eat. I can't say so much for the potato wedges and 3 large refills fruit punch I gobbled down with it.

I know, it sounds like I eat like a pig and I probably do but on some days, I give myself a lot room to splurge out.

This week I really got my food binging under control. I've been drinking nothing but water, eating salads, and have been snacking on fruit. And you know what people, I took 3 good shits because of it. Yeah, healthy eating does that, it really moves the digestion track.

So that's why I didn't trip over eating the KFC potato wedges & Fruit Punch that came with my meal. My go to's this week have been banana's, 0 Calorie beverages - water/Sobe/Vitamin Water and so on.

My lungs held up pretty good today. I didn't have any problems breathing like I thought I would. The past couple of months I've had this nagging cough and congestion. It really sucks. Instead of going to the doctor like any normal person, I've just been holding out and have been taking over the counter cold/flu medication. I know, I need stop being an Indian about it.

I'll go see the doctor next week when my work picks up. I can't see him because work has been so slow & I didn't make enough hours to make my health insurance payment this week. Scandelous, huh. Trust me, I've been threw this with my part-time health insurance already, those cheap bastards.

I can't wait to go see the doctor next week. I've been putting everything on hold recently and now it's time to reclaim my life again.

Speaking of which, my lunch is about ready to come out.

Have a good one everybody!


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