Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Diet Blog

My FA diet started today.

Here's what I ate today.


House Salad
w/ chopped red peppers, corn salsa,
2 oz of steak with apple Chipotle Vingerrete dressing.


2 Banana's
2 bottle of water

Cup of Clam Chowder Soup
4 oz of Ribs
and one small piece of bread lightly toasted

Fruit & Cheese snack tray from Starbuck's
1 Large bottle of Ethos Water


On the FA diet, the main thing is not to eat flour and suger so I'm trying real hard to stay away from eats saturated with that crap. Obviously I didn't do so hot with eating the Clam Chowder because I'm sure most cream soups are flour based but also... I'm not going hardcore on the FA diet, so I'm not going to trip over the small stuff.

My main goal for doing this is to try and eat healthy, to stay away from fastfood, fried foods, choccalatey snacks and other crap I've grown accustomed to eating over the years.

It's probably going to take a few weeks for all the soda and sugar to leave my system, so I'm sure I got some withdrawl pains coming from all the sugar in my system.

Hopefully by the end of May I'll be feeling great, looking great, and my general outlook on life will change for the better. Really folks, I'm starting to believe bad dieting causes depression, bitchyness, irratibility, and other negative qualities when I eat Twinkie's.

So here we go, it's time to put the Twinkie down.


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